A booming business with millions of customers a year

Cosmetic surgery is a booming business with millions of customers a year. These numbers prove true for any place in the world — whether in America, Europe, or in Asia. In fact, different countries have established themselves as specialists in different types of procedures. For example, Thailand has been known as the go-to place for sex reassignment surgeries. On the other hand, Germany has made a name in the field of stem-cell treatments, while Korea is known for its cost-effective facial surgery procedures.

While a study conducted in 2010 showed that a larger majority of cosmetic procedures were performed in a non-surgical manner (such as laser hair removals and the infamous Botox™(procedure), more and more people are gaining the courage to go under the real knife when needed because of the increasingly advanced technology available and the promising results expected. Described below are just some of the most prevalent cosmetic surgery procedures that are performed regularly in clinics all over.

  • Abdominoplasty. Also called the “tummy-tuck”, this is the treatment done to reshape and firm the abdomen.
  • Blepharoplasty. The reshaping of a person’s eyelids, as well as the application of a permanent eyeliner. This is prevalent in Asian countries.
  • Phalloplasty. Also called “penile surgery”, this is the construction (or possibly a reconstruction) of the male reproductive part. This can also take the form of augmentation or any artificial modification, mostly for cosmetic purposes.
  • Mammoplasty. This can take the form of breast augmentation, reduction, of lifting. Augmentation is usually done by the addition of silicone gel prosthetics, as well as fat grafting. On the other hand, reduction is done through the removal of skin and glandular tissue. Studies show that most reduction mammoplasty procedures are done in order to help reduce the back and shoulder pain of women with gigantomastia. Men suffering from gynecomastia are also common patients.
  • Buttock augmentation. Much like mammoplasty, this process aims to improve the buttocks through silicone implants or fat grafting (such as in the “Brazilian butt lift”). Buttock lifting may also be done through the excision of any redundant skin.
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A whole host of other treatments may be performed depending on a patient’s needs, but these are usually the most prevalent. It must be remembered that cosmetic surgery is a very specialized branch of surgery and one wrong move can turn any of these treatments awry. Therefore, it is important to know if your doctor has the requisite credentials, knowledge, and experience in performing cosmetic surgery.


The Downside of Plastic Surgery


Plastic surgery is a medical procedure which focuses on the restoration or correction of function and form. While aesthetic or cosmetic surgery is the well-known type of surgery, plastic surgery per se is not necessarily cosmetic, and includes a lot of types of microsurgery, hand surgery, craniofacial surgery, reconstructive surgery, and the treatment of burns.

The term “plastic” means reshaping or sculpting. It was derived from the Greek term “plastike” which means the “art of modeling.” It was in 1839 when the surgical connotation of “plastic” first appeared. It was in the Edwin Smith Papyrus when the treatments for the plastic reconstruction of a broken nose were first mentioned.

For some individuals, plastic surgery is a means to restore a normal appearance following an accident. For some individuals, it is a means to correct cosmetic flaws. No matter what the reasons are for plastic surgery, there are some serious downsides of this procedure that should be taken into account before proceeding with the surgery or treatment.

Medical Risks

Like any other types of surgical procedures, plastic surgery usually carries a host of serious medical complications, including death. Following are some of the most usual risks related with plastic surgeries:

  • Hematoma or bruising in the area
  • Seroma or fluid accumulating around the site
  • Necrosis or tissue death
  • Nerve damage that may result in numbness
  • Severe bleeding
  • Infection

Negative Impact On One’s Physical Appearance

One potential downside of plastic surgery is unsightly scarring. These scars are commonly referred to as hypertrophic scars and are red and thick. They typically do not diminish naturally like majority of surgical scars. Swelling and bruising for a certain period of time following a surgical procedure is usually hard to conceal, particularly when the procedure was performed in the facial area. Other possible downsides of surgical procedures include ptosis or sagging and drooping on the surgical site. In addition, some patients find that the outcome of the surgical procedure were not what they wanted or expected.



A lot of plastic surgeries are very expensive. Per information from the American Society for Aesthetic Surgery (ASAS), as of 2008, the least expensive surgical procedure was microdermabrasion. The procedure costs about $140 per session. The most expensive surgical procedure listed was a lower body lift, with a cost of $7,970. These prices are only the base cost of the surgical procedure. Anesthesia fees, hospital fees, surgeon fees, along with lost wages, after-care expenses, and medication costs should be taken into account when considering the total price of plastic surgeries.


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Possible Addiction

There are some individuals who tend to become addicted with surgeries. Some of the common factors that may contribute to an addiction to plastic surgeries include body dysmorphic illness, low self-esteem, and ease of access to plastic surgeons. An individual addicted to surgeries is usually willing to have any recognized flaw in his or her physical appearance corrected by a plastic surgeon even at such short notice, and even if it implies spending money that was previously allotted for other expenses such as payment for utilities or rent.

Banana Roll Liposuction On The Rise written

There is a new area of your body that you can now become self-conscious about women: do you have banana rolls? With famous people like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj parading their celebrated derrieres, the quest for an immaculate posterior has expanded the visits to plastic centers for a strategy called banana move liposuction!

Anyway, what it is precisely that is taking cover behind that name? The expression “banana move” alludes to the amassing of fat on the lower rump, just beneath the gluteal crease, and just over the back thigh. The heavier the bottom is, the greater the move of fat taking after a banana that structures. In any case, even thin ladies can have them! Much the same as it is the situation with seat packs and biscuit tops, banana rolls are hereditarily decided and accordingly hard to dispose of by activity and eating methodology alone.

Banana roll liposuction is a confined liposuction performed by using a flimsy canula to focus on these resolute fat stores and enhance both the size and the state of the backside. It is not amazing that the system is turning into an undeniably asked for one, since the propensity to amass fat around there is inherited, along these lines it in many cases demonstrates impervious to counting calories and activity.

The objective of performing a banana roll liposuction is making a more noteworthy definition between the rear end and the highest point of the thighs. It is basic to perform fat transplantation from the upper thighs to the butt cheeks in the meantime. Conceivably, the results would be more slender thighs, and the improvement of the bum, greatly improving the situation characterized.
VASER lipo is possible under nearby analgesic and sedation on the off chance that it includes little regions, instead of general anesthesia. This thusly implies that after the liposelection, individuals can be again at work just days in the wake of having the strategy. VASER liposelection is for the most part utilized for treating overabundance fat on the thighs, rear end, belly, underarm, to dispose of the ‘cushy layers’, twofold button, ‘seat sacks’, ‘banana moves’ and ‘man bosoms’ (gynaecomastia). VASER likewise takes into consideration better chiseling in harder and stringy ranges like back. It is a successful strategy for both genders.

to read more on VASER and other liposuction alternatives visit Dr. Joffrey’s Website in Las Vegas (www.vegasliposuction.com/index.php)

There will associate with a week of swelling, which will then retreat helped by weight articles of clothing. One will keep on haing observable results for up to six months, as the skin keeps on withdrawing and attain the new etched structure.

Liposelection is a surgical methodology utilized for body forming and not for weight reduction. Nonetheless, VASER liposelection presents an edge over the customary systems by permitting evacuation of bigger measures of fat which was hazardous because of blood misfortune. Recuperation after a substantial volume liposuction is speedier with VASER.

Banana roll liposuction is not without it impart of potential issues and, much the same as with all corrective methodology including surgery, there is dependably a plausibility of entanglements. Regarding the matter of this kind of liposuction, toning it down would be best! Over treating the range may deliver short of what alluring results, and really abandon you with hanging hindquarters.

That is the reason it is said that banana roll liposuction is both the blessed vessel of liposuction, and a twofold sword. Excessively forceful liposuction in the range can release the connective tissue that backings the rump. In the most dire outcome imaginable, the breakdown of the cheek can happen (and yes, that is a term for a true medicinal condition)!

A new young (21) liposuction victim

A young lady, aged 21, passed out during a liposuction procedure at the Causeway Bay Clinic. The earlier updates had revealed that the woman was in a critical condition after a fat-removal procedure went bad. In a similar case, about four months ago, a Chinese man, who was undergoing the procedure (Peony Chang Chau-Tung) was placed under intensive care at Ruttonjee Hospital in Wan Chai after he collapsed.

A female staff member reported the incident to police when the Causeway Bay Clinic incident occurred. The call came from 37th floor of Gloucester Road, World Trade Centre at exactly 12.30pm. According to the police spokesperson, the woman reported that a patient had lost consciousness during the operation. The death of Lee Ka-Ying, a renowned dancer, cannot be forgotten. She passed on in June while undergoing a liposuction in Milwaukee at the Regrowth Hair Transplant Centre.

Chang died yesterday, and it is suspected that she died while being operated on to remove excessive fats from her thighs. According to some credible police sources, it is not certain whether she was subscribed anesthetic or it was the very first time he was undergoing such kind of operation at the clinic. The entrance to the clinic is situated adjacent to the reception desk of the clinic. The beauty center spokesperson said that patients looking for plastic surgery are always directed to the plastic surgery section. She, however, failed to state whether Chang was referred to the section. The Wan Chai police are investigating the incident to come up with reliable information, however, no arrests have been made at the moment.

Walter King Wing-Keung, the president of HKACS (Hong Kong Association of Cosmetic Surgery) said that liposuction is not categorized as an exceptionally high-risk operation. “In situations of emergencies like this, it is a possibility that something must have gone wrong during the anesthesia procedure”

An allergic reaction or excessive dosage of drugs could affect the heart functioning or stop a patient from breathing. He also said that negligently done surgeries at the waist could lead to organ damage. Liposuction carried out at the legs also places a patient in danger of blocked blood vessels and preventing oxygen from getting to the organs since there are more vessels that find their ways in the area.

This is not the first time such scenarios are reported in private clinics. In 2012, a woman died while three others sustained critical injuries after undergoing blood-transfusion at a DR Private beauty Centre. In 2010, another woman died after she was referred to a gynecologist by a private beauty center. She was having her breasts enlarged. In March, a Government source hinted at the Health Department is working towards recommending a ban on the very high-risk operations. Specifically to control the kinds of operations private clinic can conduct without the approval from the department. At the moment, general anesthetic procedures can be done in both public and private clinics.

Breast Implants Build Confidence For Many Women

Body image is a very important factor that contributes in developing self-esteem and confidence levels, especially in women. Physical beauty is highly valued in our modern society and many women have to struggle every day to fit into these standards of attractiveness. There can be a variety of personal reasons why women may choose to get breast implants. These reasons can vary from small breast size to under developed breasts and restoring the breast volume after weight loss.

According to a recent research conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, boob job or breast enhancement has become one of the top plastic surgery procedures performed by cosmetic surgeons today. Approximately 437,180 women had got the procedure done in 2012 and the number increased by 41% by 2014. One of the most likely reasons that women are choosing to go under the knife is that it is one of the easiest way to improve their confidence in life.

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In 2007, the results of the study conducted to examine the relationship between breast implants and self-esteem were published in the March edition of the Plastic Surgical Nursing. The study was conducted in the University of Florida, where 84 women with breast implants were examined for self-esteem. The women were asked to complete the questionnaires before and after the surgery. The results were surprising and revealed that 80% women with implants felt more confident than before. These results were compelling and indicated that breast implants do help women feel more confident and improve their self-esteem.

Every woman has the right to feel good about her body and breast implants have become a major turning point for many. While choosing to get breast implants is a personal decision, and should only be made to improve one’s appearance and not fit the standard imposed by the society. It is also important to have realistic expectations. Make sure you have an open, honest and clear discussion with their cosmetic surgeon before making any decision.

The implants placed under the breast muscles usually look tight, high and firm in initial days. They will drop into place as the swelling will start settling down, which might take a week or so depending upon the healing ability of each individual’s’ body. Thus, your doctor will provide you with a comprehensive program to help your body accept the external object. Most of the surgeons suggest that saline implants should be replaced every 10 years to prevent the risk of infections.

Fat-Shaming Posters Disappoints The Public At Chicago Pride Parade

The Chicago Pride Parade was visited by more than one million people last weekend and most of them returned home marvelling about a float they witnessed. Even one man described it as fat-shaming. A local author, who is known for his remarks on overeating disorders and pens down eye catchy personal experiences about being gay, shared his views on the controversial float with Chicago Center News.

“One of the most frequent conversations I come across at parties is about our physique and how desperately we want to lose weight, but we ought to celebrate disordered eating. Studies say 42% of men undergo overeating disorders,” said Zach Stafford

Zach also mentioned that he will remember this Pride Parade as an event that happened for the wrong reason.

“I was not full of disgraceful to see the remarks the float is making, but it was unacceptable especially as the parade was celebrating all types of people,” as told by Stafford to Mark Joffrey of the Chicago Lipo Center www.Chicagolipo.com.

The controversial float created when Chicago Liposuction, a firm that deals with losing weight through liposuction, featured inappropriate posters to market its services. Chicago Liposuction also offers cellulite removal and tummy tucks services. Stafford was present here to witness the Sunday’s Pride Parade.

According to Safford, the representations regarding no-man-boobs were the primary fat-shaming component to the float. The posters were problematic at all levels.

Stafford is a widely read local author and public speaker who is never seen making qualms about overeating disorders and the trends regarding overcoming the same.

When Dr. Joffre who is working as the Director of Operations at Chicago Liposuction was asked to comment on the situation, she expressed how surprised she was by the strong reaction shown by the public.

Shockey who made the posters with her co-workers and children commented that the posters were made for a liposuction company and it’s a fact that they suck fat. The idea was to convey the message with a funny tag. “Having those posters displayed on this float had the intention of portraying what’s we thought liposuction to be and what it is in real,” added Shockey.

Shockey regretted about the offensive message and apologized to Richard Jaffer, the Chicago Pride Parade Organiser. Shockey admitted to Jaffer that it message was compiled by all their staff including the LGBT employees too, but it was meant for fun that went mayhem.

Mark Joffery of Chicago Center mentioned this to be the first incident of its kind in last four decades. The Chicago Pride Parade organizers usually don’t put a sensor tag on float posters.

The details about the incident will be reviewed as per the parade’s review policy.

NYC Breast Lift: The Best Option to Get Rid Of Sagging Breasts

A mastopexy – the official name for a breast lift – involves repositioning the nipple to a more natural position on the breast. NYC breast lift surgeons use a variety of surgical techniques to accomplish this, and most will choose the procedure that is best for each patient. The process of mastectomy or lifting of breasts usually involves removal of excess skin. The breasts are firmly tightened and repositioned to make them look youthful appealing. Many women have this misconception that mastopexy alone can change the size of breasts. However, this procedure alone cannot achieve it and it requires breast reduction process for reducing the size.

Who should undergo this procedure?

Following are some of the typical patients that can get help from this surgery:
– Women who feel that their breasts are sagged and have lost substance or firmness.
– Those who have out of shape breasts that lack volume and shape.
– Women whose nipples are pointing downwards below the breast crease.
– Patients that have unequal in size or asymmetrical breasts.

Which patients qualify for this surgical procedure?

Doctors usually prefer those patients which do not smoke. These patients must have good health and maintain stable weight. Surgeons also prefer that patients who want to undergo this procedure must have an optimistic view about it. Mastopexy is not confined by age of the patient. However, NYC breast lift surgeons recommend that those patients should undergo this procedure whose breasts have reached full development. Therefore, women who are yet to become moms are usually advised to undergo this surgery after having children because of the after pregnancy changes in breasts shape and volume.

Important medical checkups:

The NYC breast lift surgeon will ask the patient to undergo certain tests to have an overview of her general health conditions. He will usually ask the patient to begin taking certain medicines while avoiding others. Patients are advised to strictly start following the medicinal instructions two week prior to the surgery. Surgeon will also check the patient”s family medical history for breast cancer and may ask for mammograms or biopsies.

Recovery period:

Once the surgeon has successfully operated on the patient”s breasts, it is time to recover. Most of the patients can return to their normal work routine after ten days. However, patients are advised to avoid hard and strenuous exercises till three to four weeks after the surgery. The guidelines will vary according to each patient”s individual conditions. The patient undergoing breast reduction procedure should strictly follow all the instructions given by the doctor. Patients are advised to immediately report to surgeon about any kind of pain or other severe medical conditions.

Cost of undergoing breast lift:

The costs vary from one patient to another. There are many factors which affect the cost of a breast lift surgery. There are some areas where there is a lot of competition among cosmetic surgeons. NYC breast lift clinics offer highly competitive rates. There are many other factors that also count like surgeon”s qualification, skills, reputation, and complexities involved in carrying out the procedure etc.

Truth about cellulite

Cellulite is a non-contagious inflammation of the skin and the tissue under it, as a result of a bacterial infection. Although it
It presents most commonly on the face and the lower part of the legs, any other area of the body can be affected.

The accumulation of fat in fat cells, and the tank in the interstitial tissue fluids and toxins on an ongoing basis (stasis of water and protein) causes an alteration in the structure and appearance of the skin (appearance of fibrosis), which becomes more spongy and dimpled, hence you call it “orange peel”.

Cellulite is formed by circulation deficiencies and hormonal activation, genetics and the sedentary rhythm of life, are an important factor. The lack of physical activity, making the situation worse. The practice of exercise active blood circulation and the metabolism of fat cells.

The predominance of one or other disturbance determines the appearance of the FAT type (predominance of fatty infiltration), edematous cellulite (predominance of accumulation of liquids and toxins), and fibrous cellulite (predominance of fibrous and inflammatory component).

False myths about cellulite

We know that cellulite is a multicausal origin as it can be a circulatory disorder where the venous return mechanism is involved and the lymphatic drainage that is very widespread in women of the same family. Lymph helps eliminate waste from waste, the venules have valves that prevent venous return but sometimes fail for many reasons, all this physiological alteration causes binding on the road causing congestion localized and then generalized.

One of the beliefs popular which has more depth among the population is that cellulite is a matter of weight. Nothing else far from reality, you can already submit to the diet more strictly, lose 10 pounds and stay as a Sylph, your cellulite will still there, watching smiling how won the battle.

Nor is it true that you can remove cellulite with exercise and healthy diet. Which is not to say that no you should steer you toward healthier habits, because one thing is that cellulite will not disappear and another thing is that you can improve your appearance, even being reduced to a minimum.

The more pessimistic dehechan cosmetics anti-cellulite, believing them ineffective. We have to say, that even though the cellulite will not disappear entirely for many creams you use, cosmetics Yes can help you reduce and shape your figure. That Yes, any antitelulitico requires consistency in their use.

How to remove cellulite – causes

For most people, cellulite is caused by lack of exercise. It can also be caused by not eating appropriate foods. For this reason, many suggest that the loss of weight and have a regular exercise are great ways of how to remove cellulite.
For a fact, a major problem in the identification of the cellulite is the uncertainty of their cause. So far, there is a precise study of the causes of cellulite. However, no to worry too much, since today, a lot of procedures on how to eliminate cellulite are studying and developing continuously.
One of the things that have been developed on how remove cellulite is the use of herbal extracts. The use of these natural ingredients could help how to remove cellulite by the breakdown of fats in the body. The use of creams and other topical products also addresses the problem.
The creation of cellulite pills are also produced of the demand of the people. However, the problem with these products is that no real guarantee that will show same there is results or positive results worldwide.

Massages at Spa

Perhaps also ask that happens with the massages offered by the aesthetic, well the truth is that if they help, they but not eradicate the problem at its source, in fact many women are physically “fit” may have this problem and this is basically for the same, whether because they are not doing the necessary exercises, by an excess of toxins or a poor diet.

Finally, we know that you can see many factors such as the “hormonal” but don”t worry, you have to know that if you feed correctly and adrenocortical your metabolism to a healthy purpose it is very likely that you get what you are looking for, i.e., not stay trapped on the idea that because your mother, your grandmother and your aunts have cellulite and never removed them in the same way will be to youYou must remember that everything depends on what you do, how you exercise and above all on how you feed.

Fat loss factors

Involuntary loss of weight in adults is considered clinically important when it is 5% or more with respect to the usual weight, in a period of between 6 months and 1 year.
Its importance lies in that is associated with an increase in morbidity and mortality.
There are three main causes: psychiatric, organic (including cancer) and idiopathic. In older people, the most frequent cause is the depression.
When weight loss is involuntary, tends to be documented or substantiated by the family, without apparent cause and people without major weight fluctuations previously.
Analytical accidentals used as predictors do not seem to be specific neoplastic etiology, in the same way tumor markers are useless in the monitoring of certain neoplasms, but not as a screening method.

Compete the initial diagnostic approach to primary care (AP), includes a detailed anamnesis, a scanning for devices and basic complementary tests (analytical basic with systematic blood and urine, biochemistry, hormone tiroestimulante [TSH], serology for virus [HIV] human immunodeficiency and occult blood in feces, x-ray of thorax and abdominal ultrasound) are necessary additional depending on initial findings tests or if it still does not find the cause and symptoms persist.
The risk of serious organic pathology, including malignancies, is low if the initial assessment is normal.
Treatment is primarily etiologic.

The normal individual maintains body weight at a predetermined level of remarkable stability, given how much they vary daily calorie intake and the level of activity. Due to the physiological importance having to conserve energy reserves, it is difficult to lose weight voluntarily and not to recover it.

Weight loss occurs when the power consumption exceeds the calories available for that purpose.

The mechanisms of weight loss are: lower food intake, malabsorption and loss of calories and energy needs increase.

Weight loss is usually harmless and is solved by changing the food and daily habits. However, behind unwanted weight loss and unexplained illness can hide and, in this case, it is important to seek medical advice.

The extreme hunger that people suffering from eating disorders, especially in anorexia nervosa, although sometimes in bulimia nervosa, are subjected leads to weight loss that may endanger life. In other psychic diseases, such as e.g. depressions, also changes in weight, since patients have lost the “urge to eat” or want to deliberately hurt.

Your not just body weight is determined by calories that fires, but also that they eat. For this reason, the power is another pillar in the process of weight loss. If you”re the typical person of the 21st century, it is likely that you “feed” mainly with junk food – and to live glued to a Chair. So having incorporating exercise into your life, it is time that you also change your diet. In this sense, you will have to opt for a diet based on whole grains, meats margas, low in calories and, above all, dairy products from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Some causes of weight loss:

Diabetes-related weight loss may be intentional or unintentional, people with type 1 diabetes do not produce enough insulin, while people with diabetes type 2 are unable to properly manage insulin.

Often, when people with diabetes type 2 make diets for diabetics, lose weight. However, the weight loss for type 1 diabetics usually intentional. Because of high levels of sugar, people with diabetes type 1 may be dehydrated, so drink more water (as suggested on water lipo chicago), causing frequent urination and lose weight quickly. Also, that the body can produce energy, you have to burn the fat cells, causing a rapid loss of weight.

Women may retain up to about 3 litres of water before and during menstruation, even decreasing intake or fasting will not delete that extra weight, they will be removing it little by little, as the days go.