A new young (21) liposuction victim

A young lady, aged 21, passed out during a liposuction procedure at the Causeway Bay Clinic. The earlier updates had revealed that the woman was in a critical condition after a fat-removal procedure went bad. In a similar case, about four months ago, a Chinese man, who was undergoing the procedure (Peony Chang Chau-Tung) was placed under intensive care at Ruttonjee Hospital in Wan Chai after he collapsed.

A female staff member reported the incident to police when the Causeway Bay Clinic incident occurred. The call came from 37th floor of Gloucester Road, World Trade Centre at exactly 12.30pm. According to the police spokesperson, the woman reported that a patient had lost consciousness during the operation. The death of Lee Ka-Ying, a renowned dancer, cannot be forgotten. She passed on in June while undergoing a liposuction in Milwaukee at the Regrowth Hair Transplant Centre.

Chang died yesterday, and it is suspected that she died while being operated on to remove excessive fats from her thighs. According to some credible police sources, it is not certain whether she was subscribed anesthetic or it was the very first time he was undergoing such kind of operation at the clinic. The entrance to the clinic is situated adjacent to the reception desk of the clinic. The beauty center spokesperson said that patients looking for plastic surgery are always directed to the plastic surgery section. She, however, failed to state whether Chang was referred to the section. The Wan Chai police are investigating the incident to come up with reliable information, however, no arrests have been made at the moment.

Walter King Wing-Keung, the president of HKACS (Hong Kong Association of Cosmetic Surgery) said that liposuction is not categorized as an exceptionally high-risk operation. “In situations of emergencies like this, it is a possibility that something must have gone wrong during the anesthesia procedure”

An allergic reaction or excessive dosage of drugs could affect the heart functioning or stop a patient from breathing. He also said that negligently done surgeries at the waist could lead to organ damage. Liposuction carried out at the legs also places a patient in danger of blocked blood vessels and preventing oxygen from getting to the organs since there are more vessels that find their ways in the area.

This is not the first time such scenarios are reported in private clinics. In 2012, a woman died while three others sustained critical injuries after undergoing blood-transfusion at a DR Private beauty Centre. In 2010, another woman died after she was referred to a gynecologist by a private beauty center. She was having her breasts enlarged. In March, a Government source hinted at the Health Department is working towards recommending a ban on the very high-risk operations. Specifically to control the kinds of operations private clinic can conduct without the approval from the department. At the moment, general anesthetic procedures can be done in both public and private clinics.