Breast Implants Build Confidence For Many Women

Body image is a very important factor that contributes in developing self-esteem and confidence levels, especially in women. Physical beauty is highly valued in our modern society and many women have to struggle every day to fit into these standards of attractiveness. There can be a variety of personal reasons why women may choose to get breast implants. These reasons can vary from small breast size to under developed breasts and restoring the breast volume after weight loss.

According to a recent research conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, boob job or breast enhancement has become one of the top plastic surgery procedures performed by cosmetic surgeons today. Approximately 437,180 women had got the procedure done in 2012 and the number increased by 41% by 2014. One of the most likely reasons that women are choosing to go under the knife is that it is one of the easiest way to improve their confidence in life.

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In 2007, the results of the study conducted to examine the relationship between breast implants and self-esteem were published in the March edition of the Plastic Surgical Nursing. The study was conducted in the University of Florida, where 84 women with breast implants were examined for self-esteem. The women were asked to complete the questionnaires before and after the surgery. The results were surprising and revealed that 80% women with implants felt more confident than before. These results were compelling and indicated that breast implants do help women feel more confident and improve their self-esteem.

Every woman has the right to feel good about her body and breast implants have become a major turning point for many. While choosing to get breast implants is a personal decision, and should only be made to improve one’s appearance and not fit the standard imposed by the society. It is also important to have realistic expectations. Make sure you have an open, honest and clear discussion with their cosmetic surgeon before making any decision.

The implants placed under the breast muscles usually look tight, high and firm in initial days. They will drop into place as the swelling will start settling down, which might take a week or so depending upon the healing ability of each individual’s’ body. Thus, your doctor will provide you with a comprehensive program to help your body accept the external object. Most of the surgeons suggest that saline implants should be replaced every 10 years to prevent the risk of infections.