Fat-Shaming Posters Disappoints The Public At Chicago Pride Parade

The Chicago Pride Parade was visited by more than one million people last weekend and most of them returned home marvelling about a float they witnessed. Even one man described it as fat-shaming. A local author, who is known for his remarks on overeating disorders and pens down eye catchy personal experiences about being gay, shared his views on the controversial float with Chicago Center News.

“One of the most frequent conversations I come across at parties is about our physique and how desperately we want to lose weight, but we ought to celebrate disordered eating. Studies say 42% of men undergo overeating disorders,” said Zach Stafford

Zach also mentioned that he will remember this Pride Parade as an event that happened for the wrong reason.

“I was not full of disgraceful to see the remarks the float is making, but it was unacceptable especially as the parade was celebrating all types of people,” as told by Stafford to Mark Joffrey of the Chicago Lipo Center www.Chicagolipo.com.

The controversial float created when Chicago Liposuction, a firm that deals with losing weight through liposuction, featured inappropriate posters to market its services. Chicago Liposuction also offers cellulite removal and tummy tucks services. Stafford was present here to witness the Sunday’s Pride Parade.

According to Safford, the representations regarding no-man-boobs were the primary fat-shaming component to the float. The posters were problematic at all levels.

Stafford is a widely read local author and public speaker who is never seen making qualms about overeating disorders and the trends regarding overcoming the same.

When Dr. Joffre who is working as the Director of Operations at Chicago Liposuction was asked to comment on the situation, she expressed how surprised she was by the strong reaction shown by the public.

Shockey who made the posters with her co-workers and children commented that the posters were made for a liposuction company and it’s a fact that they suck fat. The idea was to convey the message with a funny tag. “Having those posters displayed on this float had the intention of portraying what’s we thought liposuction to be and what it is in real,” added Shockey.

Shockey regretted about the offensive message and apologized to Richard Jaffer, the Chicago Pride Parade Organiser. Shockey admitted to Jaffer that it message was compiled by all their staff including the LGBT employees too, but it was meant for fun that went mayhem.

Mark Joffery of Chicago Center mentioned this to be the first incident of its kind in last four decades. The Chicago Pride Parade organizers usually don’t put a sensor tag on float posters.

The details about the incident will be reviewed as per the parade’s review policy.