NYC Breast Lift: The Best Option to Get Rid Of Sagging Breasts

A mastopexy – the official name for a breast lift – involves repositioning the nipple to a more natural position on the breast. NYC breast lift surgeons use a variety of surgical techniques to accomplish this, and most will choose the procedure that is best for each patient. The process of mastectomy or lifting of breasts usually involves removal of excess skin. The breasts are firmly tightened and repositioned to make them look youthful appealing. Many women have this misconception that mastopexy alone can change the size of breasts. However, this procedure alone cannot achieve it and it requires breast reduction process for reducing the size.

Who should undergo this procedure?

Following are some of the typical patients that can get help from this surgery:
– Women who feel that their breasts are sagged and have lost substance or firmness.
– Those who have out of shape breasts that lack volume and shape.
– Women whose nipples are pointing downwards below the breast crease.
– Patients that have unequal in size or asymmetrical breasts.

Which patients qualify for this surgical procedure?

Doctors usually prefer those patients which do not smoke. These patients must have good health and maintain stable weight. Surgeons also prefer that patients who want to undergo this procedure must have an optimistic view about it. Mastopexy is not confined by age of the patient. However, NYC breast lift surgeons recommend that those patients should undergo this procedure whose breasts have reached full development. Therefore, women who are yet to become moms are usually advised to undergo this surgery after having children because of the after pregnancy changes in breasts shape and volume.

Important medical checkups:

The NYC breast lift surgeon will ask the patient to undergo certain tests to have an overview of her general health conditions. He will usually ask the patient to begin taking certain medicines while avoiding others. Patients are advised to strictly start following the medicinal instructions two week prior to the surgery. Surgeon will also check the patient”s family medical history for breast cancer and may ask for mammograms or biopsies.

Recovery period:

Once the surgeon has successfully operated on the patient”s breasts, it is time to recover. Most of the patients can return to their normal work routine after ten days. However, patients are advised to avoid hard and strenuous exercises till three to four weeks after the surgery. The guidelines will vary according to each patient”s individual conditions. The patient undergoing breast reduction procedure should strictly follow all the instructions given by the doctor. Patients are advised to immediately report to surgeon about any kind of pain or other severe medical conditions.

Cost of undergoing breast lift:

The costs vary from one patient to another. There are many factors which affect the cost of a breast lift surgery. There are some areas where there is a lot of competition among cosmetic surgeons. NYC breast lift clinics offer highly competitive rates. There are many other factors that also count like surgeon”s qualification, skills, reputation, and complexities involved in carrying out the procedure etc.