Truth about cellulite

Cellulite is a non-contagious inflammation of the skin and the tissue under it, as a result of a bacterial infection. Although it
It presents most commonly on the face and the lower part of the legs, any other area of the body can be affected.

The accumulation of fat in fat cells, and the tank in the interstitial tissue fluids and toxins on an ongoing basis (stasis of water and protein) causes an alteration in the structure and appearance of the skin (appearance of fibrosis), which becomes more spongy and dimpled, hence you call it “orange peel”.

Cellulite is formed by circulation deficiencies and hormonal activation, genetics and the sedentary rhythm of life, are an important factor. The lack of physical activity, making the situation worse. The practice of exercise active blood circulation and the metabolism of fat cells.

The predominance of one or other disturbance determines the appearance of the FAT type (predominance of fatty infiltration), edematous cellulite (predominance of accumulation of liquids and toxins), and fibrous cellulite (predominance of fibrous and inflammatory component).

False myths about cellulite

We know that cellulite is a multicausal origin as it can be a circulatory disorder where the venous return mechanism is involved and the lymphatic drainage that is very widespread in women of the same family. Lymph helps eliminate waste from waste, the venules have valves that prevent venous return but sometimes fail for many reasons, all this physiological alteration causes binding on the road causing congestion localized and then generalized.

One of the beliefs popular which has more depth among the population is that cellulite is a matter of weight. Nothing else far from reality, you can already submit to the diet more strictly, lose 10 pounds and stay as a Sylph, your cellulite will still there, watching smiling how won the battle.

Nor is it true that you can remove cellulite with exercise and healthy diet. Which is not to say that no you should steer you toward healthier habits, because one thing is that cellulite will not disappear and another thing is that you can improve your appearance, even being reduced to a minimum.

The more pessimistic dehechan cosmetics anti-cellulite, believing them ineffective. We have to say, that even though the cellulite will not disappear entirely for many creams you use, cosmetics Yes can help you reduce and shape your figure. That Yes, any antitelulitico requires consistency in their use.

How to remove cellulite – causes

For most people, cellulite is caused by lack of exercise. It can also be caused by not eating appropriate foods. For this reason, many suggest that the loss of weight and have a regular exercise are great ways of how to remove cellulite.
For a fact, a major problem in the identification of the cellulite is the uncertainty of their cause. So far, there is a precise study of the causes of cellulite. However, no to worry too much, since today, a lot of procedures on how to eliminate cellulite are studying and developing continuously.
One of the things that have been developed on how remove cellulite is the use of herbal extracts. The use of these natural ingredients could help how to remove cellulite by the breakdown of fats in the body. The use of creams and other topical products also addresses the problem.
The creation of cellulite pills are also produced of the demand of the people. However, the problem with these products is that no real guarantee that will show same there is results or positive results worldwide.

Massages at Spa

Perhaps also ask that happens with the massages offered by the aesthetic, well the truth is that if they help, they but not eradicate the problem at its source, in fact many women are physically “fit” may have this problem and this is basically for the same, whether because they are not doing the necessary exercises, by an excess of toxins or a poor diet.

Finally, we know that you can see many factors such as the “hormonal” but don”t worry, you have to know that if you feed correctly and adrenocortical your metabolism to a healthy purpose it is very likely that you get what you are looking for, i.e., not stay trapped on the idea that because your mother, your grandmother and your aunts have cellulite and never removed them in the same way will be to youYou must remember that everything depends on what you do, how you exercise and above all on how you feed.